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Elk in Kentucky | Why AppalachiCanna chose the symbol of the Kentucky Stag

After being reintroduced to Eastern Kentucky in 1997, the elk population has increased to become the largest in any state east of the Mississippi River. Just as the elk has provided new biodiversity to Eastern Kentucky, AppalachiCanna is looking to help revitalize a region and provide a superior CDB product.

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Welcome to Summer Sale!

Summer is here and our Summer Sale is heating up! Check out the deals on CBD oil and Salve and save big!

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Kentucky's history of hemp growing stretches back centuries

Hemp has long history in Kentucky. Figuring prominently into the economic, social, and political life of the commonwealth, early settlers brought hemp into Kentucky in order to have a resource for textile production.

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What is ginseng and what is it used for?

Ginseng is well-known among herbalists and health enthusiasts for its energy-boosting properties. Ginseng helps maintain mental alertness and physical stamina. Many people are turning to ginseng today as a proven remedy to help combat the exhaustion felt from modern life.

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About AppalachiCanna

AppalachiCanna™ was founded in 2019 by a cooperative of family farmers from Eastern Kentucky. Our goal is to create high-quality hemp and CBD products while providing opportunities to the farmers and families of Eastern Kentucky. AppalachiCanna™ is generations of craft farmers working together to produce the finest organic hemp in the nation.

The hemp that is used in our products is grown on the same fertile ground that has blessed tobacco-growing families for generations. Our hemp is USDA certified organic and our farmers have knowledge that has been passed down from family to family for generations. AppalachiCanna™ hemp is the finest of it's kind.

With an eye towards preserving Appalachia's heritage, AppalachiCanna™ is dedicated to providing for our people and revitalizing our land that has given us so much. Our CBD products are lab tested and our hemp is the finest grown in Appalachia. AppalachiCanna™ is Appalachia proud of our mountain region and we look forward to sharing our heritage with you.


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  • Headquarters: 835 St. Hwy 2078, Olive Hill, KY 41164
  • Midwest Regional Office: Chicago, IL