AppalachiCanna Fest Builds Connections

05 Mar

By Jeremy Wells

From Grayson Journal Enquirer

The first AppalachiCanna Fest, held in Morehead this past weekend, wasn't just about hemp and cannabis. It also featured music and musical instrument makers, information about keeping goats and bees, Kentucky made beer from Sawstone Brewery, and other products that feature Kentucky agriculture.

But the cannabis plant featured largely in many of the products and services on offer, and those interested in growing cannabis or using cannabis in what they produce were able to network with those already established in the industry.

Tim Smith, who operates as the HempSmith, said that he collected contact information from farmers that represented over a thousand acres or more of land for cultivation. Smith explained that the HempSmith works as a co-operative organization for those interested in growing hemp or cannabis for CBD products, helping them increase their purchase power by pooling their acreage and buying seed in bulk.

He said he had developed a relationship that weekend with Chad Wilson, who was set-up in the booth next to him, and would be working with his farm to provide other farmers with clones.

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