How to Use CBD Oil

The cannabis plant has recently been undergoing a renaissance, both in the THC heavy variety, as well as the hemp plant which is high in CBD, aka cannabidiol. While the CBD variety is potent, it doesn't have the potential to get you high like it's cousin marijuana does. Even though there are no psychoactive effects, CBD oil offers promise for multiple physical and mental ailments.

Kentucky Stag™ - Shake Well, Sediment Expected

Kentucky Stag™ is AppalachiCanna's premium CBD oil combined with Wild Mountain Ginseng. This oil contains Wild Mountain Ginseng harvested directly from the Appalachia Mountains. When taking this oil, you'll want to be sure and shake well. Sediment from the ginseng is to be expected. 

Depending on how much of a dosage you need, after shaking your oil, fill the dropper and place it directly under your tongue. You should be taste the ginseng directly after.